How do I know if my iPad motherboard is damaged?

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Due to my exposure to iPad repair in Riverside, I’ve enlisted a few of the most common issues that may arise from a defective Motherboard and how to identify them: 

  1. Touch IC 

This problem occurs if you face issues with the touchscreen but the screen isn’t responsible for their causes.
The general symptoms of this motherboard malfunctioning are as follows:  

  • The appearance of squares at the top of the screen. 
  • The appearance of vertical or horizontal lines on your screen. 
  • If the screen doesn’t properly respond to your touch during applications or doesn’t respond at all 


2. Water/Liquid Damage  

Whenever your iPad is directly exposed to water/moisture, then you must immediately power off the device to avoid any short circuits and prevent any more damage. Visit an authorized iPad repair shop in Riverside where they’ll perform a rigorous cleaning and inspection of the device. 

3. Baseband 

Another common issue, such as iTunes error 1 may show up on your iPad as No Service, dropped calls, Searching, Missing Modem Firmware in settings, or unexpected corruption or muting of Audio during a call. 

4. Audio IC 

You can realize that it’s an Audio IC failure if you deal with defects to some or all sound functions of your iPad. If you hear a creaking sound during a call, then the function of the microphone and loudspeaker are interrupted.  

5. Charging IC 

If the device isn’t charging and the problem can’t be detected in the USB charging management circuit. 

6. PMIC 

If your iPad is dead, when it doesn’t charge or if it can’t revive even after the replacement with a new battery.  

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