How Do I Measure Myself for a Weight Belt?

    Learning how to choose weight lifting belt size is an important skill. The belt itself can really aid workouts but only if it fits correctly. Otherwise, it could cause more issues than it solves. When it comes to sizing, they tend to range from XS to XXXL but it’s more important to check the size in inches to ensure it’s a snug fit.

    To measure yourself, firstly ensure you’re in gym clothes. The belt goes over your clothes so measuring your bare skin or over a thick sweater will give you the wrong measurement. Run a tape measure straight around the midsection of your torso, making sure it passes the belly button. Take the reading in inches and then check the belt you’re buying matches. Remember that as you build muscle, your size will increase. It’s therefore essential to choose a weight lifting belt size based on recent measurements. For more information, you can read this guide.

    Default Asked on November 21, 2020 in Health & Fitness.
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