How do I motivate myself?


How do I motivate myself?

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Majority of people are waiting for the right time to achieve their goal.
The reality is, the time you spend waiting for the right time is the time you have already wasted.
Ask yourself 3 questions,
1. What I have done till now?
2. Is it Ok to be like this after 2 years?
3. Have I even started or how much closer I am towards my goal?
Your answers to these question will motivate you more than the Youtube motivational videos.
A person is never motivated more than the self-analysis therapy.
If you think that you have a lot of time then you are totally wrong.
Always work like there is no tomorrow.
Have a mindset of a beginner who is hungry for knowledge.
Good luck!

Default Answered on November 16, 2018.

Thanks you very for pointing this 3 important points. This three important points may change my life.
Thanks again.

on November 16, 2018.
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