How do I motivate myself?


How do I motivate myself?

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Majority of people are waiting for the right time to achieve their goal.
The reality is, the time you spend waiting for the right time is the time you have already wasted.
Ask yourself 3 questions,
1. What I have done till now?
2. Is it Ok to be like this after 2 years?
3. Have I even started or how much closer I am towards my goal?
Your answers to these question will motivate you more than the Youtube motivational videos.
A person is never motivated more than the self-analysis therapy.
If you think that you have a lot of time then you are totally wrong.
Always work like there is no tomorrow.
Have a mindset of a beginner who is hungry for knowledge.
Good luck!

Default Answered on November 16, 2018.

Thanks you very for pointing this 3 important points. This three important points may change my life.
Thanks again.

on November 16, 2018.
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HOMELESS MONEY: Understanding the Secrets to Attracting Money and Creating Wealth

This book is about a change of mindset, change of attitude and ultimately changes of your pursuit in life; changing from pursuing money to looking for ideas, a mental shift from job seeker to job creation mentality, change from small to a bigger business mentality.

There is no activity more common on earth than trade; no item universally chased and pursued by many yet more mysterious and misunderstood than money. For centuries now the rich and the wealthy have been keeping it as a secret but today through this powerful mind-opening book, the secret has been revealed for the benefit of all.

“Every time a solution is given to a problem; transaction takes place and money exchanges hands”

Wherever transformational ideas are, money will find its way, which proves that money follows good ideas. Every time you go to a bank to request for a loan, all that they will want from you are your viable business ideas drafted in the form of a business plan and not your academic qualifications. The rich and the wealthy in our society are ideas-driven and not money-driven. While millions of people are busy chasing after money and job opportunities, the wealthy minded on the other hand are focusing and concentrating on groundbreaking ideas that will create job opportunities.

“The Money You Have Is not Yours and The Money You Need You Don’t Have”

I am glad that this book has perfectly outlined and discussed in detail the Secrets of Attracting Money and Creating Wealth, and now giving a chance to each one of us to pursue the better alternatives which are the ideas deposited in us by our creator.

The desire to grow is not ahead of you but lies within you, the transformational changes you yearn in life are not ahead of you but right within you. This book will therefore introduce you to a more fulfilling and alternative chase which are your ideas, your creativity, and your innovations. I therefore recommend this book to all the upcoming business men and women globally and encourage them to embrace the ideas and words of wisdom shared in this book.

Through this book, your mind and thinking will be challenged, inspired, and transformed. After reading the book your level of thinking and business will never remain the same because of the knowledge packaged in here. Also let this book be read extensively by your employees and staff members, to bring out the best in them.

Thrive! Succeed & Attract the resources you need

Dr. Manu Chandaria OBE CBS EBS

Default Answered on June 14, 2022.
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