How Smaller Organizations Can Get More Followers on Instagram?

I have created business page on Instagram to expand my business online. Please suggest me the best ways to increase followers for my IG Page!!!!

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    1. Share a mix of authentic and inspirational content.
    2. Identify an official hashtag for your brand. It’s important for your brand to have its own official hashtag to have an organized way to encourage people to share photos and talk about you.
    3. Map out your hashtag strategy ahead of time.It’s a good idea to come up with a library of relevant hashtags for future reference. Start by thinking about what key terms you want your brand to be associated with. A tool like Hashtagify can jumpstart your brainstorming by making it easy to find popular hashtags.
    4. Post at least once per day. Consistency is key to growing your following, so it’s important to post on Instagram every single day. Posting at least once a day increases your visibility, while posting consistently creates a reliable Instagram presence that your fans can count on.
    5. Ask influencers to host takeovers on your account. An Instagram takeover is a fun way to boost engagement, build relationships with industry influencers, and reach a wider audience. It’s a win-win-win scenario! Initiate your own takeover by inviting a host – either an influencer, employee, partnering organization, or brand advocate you can trust – to temporarily take control your account.
    6. Hold contests and giveaways for your followers. An Instagram contest is a great way to engage with your existing followers and attract new ones.
    7. Share your Instagram posts on Facebook and Twitter.
    8. Reach out to similar organizations for cross-promotion. You’re not the only organization looking to grow your audience! Reach out to partners and relevant brands for cross-promotion and you’ll both benefit from the spike in exposure.
    9. Buy Instagram Followers For Social Proof. Thankfully there are services like that will gladly supply you with exactly what you need. Engagement is another important factor to consider. They can provide this for you as well. As your posts accumulate likes and views, they get elevated towards the top of people’s search results. In turn, this will also promote further follower growth.
    10. Advertise On Instagram. Instagram Ads are incredibly affordable, quick to set up, and Instagram does most of the hard work for you. You can depend on their advanced targeting capabilities to boost your visibility and get the right eyes on your content.
    11. Target Niche Communities. With niche groups, you’ll find that individuals are much more passionate about their interests. They tend to latch onto anybody who shares it with them. This translates to more engagement and brand loyalty on a platform like Instagram.
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