How to avoid fraud companies while moving in Hyderabad?

Many freelancers reside in India and may stay at a city for a duration which may be up to 5-6 or even a year. My colleague has already moved to 3 cities in the short span he has been here and his first experience moving from a city to another was disastrous.

Firstly, we are subject to being charged at the very least, 5 times more than normal and I agree it is a prevalent misery!
Secondly, It’s tough to select a trusted agency.

The first time I trusted an agent that approached me and offered help, big mistake! Always ask for the identification of not just the person but also the company and its government listing.
I was scammed of expenses and “lost” an entire suitcase.

So how do we go about this?

Of late, quite a few trustworthy online suggesting websites have emerged which just may be the solution to your problem. I shall illustrate it with an example and this applies to many in the industry on a broad spectrum. An example would be, if a person wanted to shift from Hyderabad to Mumbai two of the most important cities of India, the latest trend is that many have discovered and use on a daily basis the best packers and movers in Beeramguda Hyderabad to Mumbai and this is the rising trend because the beauty of it is that the verification process that the companies that are listed go through rigorous process, Hereby eliminating the second problem we were facing, that is access to a reliable and verified source!
And the other advantage is that all the listed companies exercise fixed prices no matter which part of the world you hail from!
There are many similar directories as well which are pretty decent, but you must refrain from individual agents who approach you because it is most likely shady.
In the end, the focus is not on dissuading you to trust the people , rather stay alert but not anxious.

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