How to browse intelligence in The Sims 4?

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How to browse intelligence in The Sims 4?

Actually I have answers this question before here – How do I browse intelligence sims 4?
I’m trying to answer you again. Like all the Sims games, there are many career options to choose from for each  sims in intelligence Sims 4. If you’ve opted to go down the Secret Agent path, then you’ll be tasked with a number of daily activities. Here’s how to browse intelligence in The Sims 4.

To browse intelligence, you’ll simply need to hop onto a computer and find the option, which is under “Web.” You will then see the task, which should be highlighted with your career icon (a watch) if you have chosen Secret Agent as a profession.

Your first rank in the Secret Agent career is as an Agency Clerk, and right from the get you’re tasked with browsing intelligence for two hours per day. Achieving this task is also a promotion requirement, which you will complete if you will spend two hours doing it.

Your sim should always be dedicating hours to this daily task in its free time.

What you need  to browse intelligence in The Sims 4?
To browse intelligence sims 4 or play this game you much need a Computer or gaming laptop. It has to be on a computer, yes. tablets are limited in what you can do with them.

Later on, your secret agents will unlock rather more fun pc interactions, just like the ability to collect information on different sims (which helps you to discover one in all their traits and offers some sometimes pretty funny flavor text, too). conjointly get some new mischief interactions to use on different sims, permanently or unhealthy.

just know, if you go the villain path at the split, that’s the sole job that goes up to eleven, which last further level of the career will want associate absolute slog. tho’ it unlocks one in all my favorite outfits within the game.

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You’ll need a computer, and then it is just simply a case of accessing your computer and accessing “Web” to find the corresponding task. You cannot use a tablet.

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