How to change wordpress admin panel password from cpanel?

I have lost WP admin password of my WP website. Can I reset it from my cPanel?
How to change wordpress admin panel password from cpanel?

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    Yes, you can change your WP admin password from your cPanel. Now I will tell you the step by step process.

    Follow the steps for change WordPress admin panel password from Cpanel

    Step 1= Login to your Cpanel
    The first step is to log in to your Cpanel with your username and password. If you don’t know the Cpanel URL of your website then try “”. This URL is work for most of the case. If you still can’t access the Cpanel, please contact your hosting provider. See the screenshot for how Cpanel looks like.

    Step 2 = Find your database name
    The second step is to find your database name (DB) . If you have only one database then you don’t need to follow this step. For finding the database name we need to go in “File Manager”.

    When you reach in File Manager then find the “public_html” and click on it.

    Next step is to find the “wp-config.php” file.

    Then right-click on “wp-config.php” file and you will see the “Edit” option there.

    Click the “Edit” button.

    Now, you will see some code in the file. Next step is to find “define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘Your Database’)”. That’s your database name. In below screenshot “demo” is our database name.

    3) Go to “phpmyadmin”
    The third step is to come back to the Cpanel root. Now find “phpmyadmin” and click on it.

    4) Find your database in phpmyadmin
    In PHPMyAdmin, you will see the list of the database in the left sidebar. Find your database there and click on it.

    5) Go to “wp_users” table
    When you click on the database you will see many tables will come at the right side. Now find the “wp_users” table and click on it.

    6) Click on “Edit”
    After click “wp_users”, you will see the list of all users. Now click “Edit” button for change wordpress admin panel password from cpanel.

    7) Select “MD5” from dropdown
    Then you will see some rows with details. Now find the “user_pass” row and select “MD5” option. See the screenshot.

    8) Enter your new password
    After select “MD5” option you can remove the old password and enter your new password in that field. you can change username also by change user_login row field. In our case “admin” is our username.

    9) Click on “Go” button
    Now all set and click on the Go button. And the password is now changed.

    By following these 9 steps you can change WordPress admin panel password from Cpanel very easily.

    Thanks for the questions.

    Brong Answered on September 30, 2018.
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