How to choose a personal computer for listening to music?

How to choose a personal computer for listening to music?

Brong Asked on May 17, 2019 in Computer.
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You can listen to music on any computer

To the personal computer, you can always listen to audio output terminals that can be connected with the optical drive, speakers, earphones etc. necessary for playing music CDs, so you can listen to music on any computer. In addition, since personal computers have various software for listening to music, editing and processing of songs can be done easily, so PCs are suitable for use as music appreciation.

However, in order to enjoy listening to music, sound quality becomes important, but most personal computers do not have good sound quality. I think that it can be convinced that it is unavoidable that the sound quality of the PC is not good, considering that the price of the component with good sound quality is about the same as or higher than the price of the personal computer.

However, since personal computers can add various hardware and software, it is not too difficult to improve sound quality. In particular, if you know what kind of hardware you need, you can see the point of how to choose a computer for music appreciation.

Moreover, there is also a personal computer made for music appreciation from the beginning, and it is recommended for those who want a completed computer for music appreciation. However, due to low demand, there are few manufacturer shops selling music viewing PCs and PC shops selling shop brands.

Just by replacing the speaker, the sound quality improves dramatically

The easiest way to improve the sound quality of a computer is to replace the speaker. Speakers attached to most personal computers are cheap, and the sound quality is bad. Speakers for personal computers are sold by various manufacturers, and even if they are exchanged for speakers of about 5 thousand yen, the sound quality is improved considerably.

Since most computers have an audio output terminal, it is common to use the audio output terminal to connect with the speakers, but because analog connection is made, the sound quality will deteriorate. If there is an optical digital output terminal, USB in the personal computer, digital connection becomes possible, and deterioration of sound quality can be prevented.

USB comes with every PC, but there are few PCs with optical digital output terminals. If you want to use the optical digital output terminal, you need to select the computer with this terminal, but you can add the optical digital output terminal later by adding a sound card later. However, personal computers capable of adding sound cards are mainly desktop PC tower type. Desktop PC Although it may be possible to install it in a space-saving type or a cube type, it is not possible to add it to a desktop personal computer or a laptop computer, so it is necessary to be careful.

Increase the sound card to improve sound quality

The sound card is a PC part that is responsible for voice input and output functions. Although this function also exists on most motherboards, this function exists as the minimum necessary function, and it is inferior in sound quality compared to sound card.

Also, sound cards often have terminals that are convenient for constructing an environment for listening to music, such as optical input / output terminals, etc. In order to achieve better sound quality in cooperation with high-performance speakers It is possible.

However, since most sound cards are connected to PCI expansion slots, they can only be added to the desktop PC tower type. There is also a sound card that can be connected to a low profile PCI for space saving type, but a sound card with good performance is usually a PCI connection, so if you are planning to add a sound card, you need to choose a desktop PC tower type .

Connect USB audio equipment to improve sound quality

If you can not add a sound card to your computer, there are hands to use USB audio devices. There are also models of USB audio devices that are external connection type for inputting and outputting sound and models with optical digital input / output terminals.

In this case, you can connect to a laptop computer, and connecting work is easy. Since there are rarely personal computers without USB, if you want to use USB audio devices, you can choose any computer.

How to choose PC parts such as CPU

If you are using a PC purely for listening to music, the low performance class with the lowest price class is sufficient. Recently, the performance of the CPU has been dramatically increased, so even with a low performance CPU, if it is a light work such as the internet or mail, it can be used enough comfortably.

Although it is main memory or HDD, recent computers have sufficient capacity even in models of the lowest price class, so there is enough capacity to use for listening to music. At least, the main memory capacity is 1 GB – 2 GB or more, HDD capacity is the place I want more than 100 GB, but even for the lowest class PC, this should have this capacity. Even if it’s missing, there are hands to order with BTO customization, or to add them yourself later.

Also, if you use a computer with good sound quality, you would like to use it for viewing music DVDs and BDs. The recommendation is a model with a BD drive, but because the price is still high, the DVD super multi drive is a guide for selection. Recent PCs are equipped with DVD Super Multi Drive as standard, so if you buy a PC you will automatically come with DVD Super Multi Drive.

Brong Answered on May 17, 2019.
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