How to Deal With Side Effects of Medicines?

    While consuming any medicine many times, it is found that the patient has some side effect from the medicine. By side effect, it means the unwanted symptoms that are created after consuming the medicine. The cause behind side effect can be any medicine be that prescription medicines or over the counter medicines. It is also found that some people have a side effect even from vitamins or some products given by the naturopaths. Every year in every country quite some number of people are admitted because they had a side effect from the medicine. In severe cases, death can also occur. Thus, it is always advisable to manage the medicines you consume wisely.

    Prescription medicines can cause side effects

    Prescriptions medicines of all sort can cause side effects. Like antibiotics that are used in penicillin or sulfonamide families are found to cause a side effect in about five percent of the population. The most common reaction is skin rashes and headache. However, without a proper diagnosis, it is very tough to tell that whether the symptoms are a side effect of a symptom of the illness.

    Moreover, complications may arise when someone takes extra medicine along with their prescription medicine. It is not worthy to get any medicines. The proper analysis must be done by any doctor. For more information on medicines, visit Pharma Quotes.

    Complementary medicines also cause side effects

    It is found that about 60 percent of the population takes complimentary medicines at least once a year and they too may lead to a side effect. While some people believe that complimentary preparations like herbal medicines may not have any side effect as they are made from natural sources but again this is not true.

    There are herbs whose effect on the body can be harsh, and thus there may be a side effect from them.

    Few herbs have a well-known side effect, and one should be very careful before they consume them. Like feverfew is an herbal medicine as it can trigger the uterine contraction in pregnant women. Even Echinacea has more than 20 types of reactions when consumed.

    Not only that the complementary medicines are sometimes consumed along with the prescription medicines, and they are found to have a negative effect as the different preparations may not work well together.

    Alcohol used with medicines can cause side effects

    Many people consume alcohol even when they are on medicines and consuming alcohol along with medicines may have a side effect that can be disastrous. Like when alcohol is consumed with antidepressant or antihistamines medicines, it is found to create dizziness and drowsiness. Even medicines are taken for travel sickness, and high blood pressure also had a side effect when consumed along with alcohol.

    Some medicines interact negatively with alcohol like few antibiotics. They can cause nausea, skin flushing, vomiting, irregular, and even headache. Even stomach upset, dizziness is also not uncommon when alcohol is consumed along with medicines, especially antibiotics.

    Alcohol after consumption remains in the body system for along, and thus it is necessary that before consuming any medical care is taken. After your physician prescribes you medicine ask them that what time frame should be left before and after drinking alcohol. Your health professional should provide you with the right advice as for when and how can you consume both medicine and alcohol. However, during the prescription of a few drugs, you may not be allowed to drink alcohol at all.

    What to do if you experience side effects

    Even if you are careful, there may be chances when you feel that you have a side effect of any medicine. Do not ignore the symptoms. Also, it is always good if you read the instructions about the different side effect that the medicine can cause. Then you can be alert about the problems that may arise. Still, if you experience any side effect, then you must

    • Call your physician immediately.
    • Note the side effect that you are having and consult it with your doctor. The side effect may get reduced after the dose is adjusted.
    • You may be sensitive to any particular group of medicine and if you know about it then talk with your physician and before they prescribe let them know about it.

    How to reduce the risk of side effects

    It is said that you should always take precautions and reducing the risk of side effect is always necessary. The question is how you can reduce the risk of side effect?

    • Make sure that you are consuming the medicines just as prescribed. As if you do not take medicines as prescribed then side effect may happen often.
    • Don’t consume any medicine because it had been great for someone else.
    • Always try to learn about the medicine you are taking. So not just consume them because your physician has prescribed. While you learn about them, you can know about the expected side effect and the precautions that can be taken for avoiding them.
    • When you are buying any over the counter medicine be sure that you have let the pharmacist know about any acute health problem that you have or have mentioned about the existing medicines that you are consuming. Sometimes two medicines may not work well, and if the pharmacist does not know about it, then they may give it to you.
    • Ask your doctor if you can reduce some medicines by changing your lifestyle. Sometimes exercises and food can help you replace medicines.
    • Always read the annual reviews of the medicine that you consume. If you are elderly or someone in your family is elderly, then it is important as aged people tend to get side effects most and they are dangerous for them.
    • If required you can always ask your pharmacist about the medicines that are given. They can explain everything about the medicine so that you do not take any chances.
    • If you have expired medicine at your home, then return them so that later you do not consume them by mistake.

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