How to get million of followers on Instagram ?

I find a question solution, How to get more auto followers on Instagram at short time

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    First of all you should answer this question – why do you want 1 million followers? Because you should know the reason, otherwise it will be a waste of time.

    But mainly it is through great content and distributing that content.

    Great content is something that will interest people on the platform, what will be valuable to them and what will make them stay more on the platform. That way Instagram will reward you with showing your content to more people.

    And distributing is just using different channels to make it discovered by people. It is primarily through hashtags and network – good, quality accounts in your niche from which you can get shoutouts, engage on each others content , or just do some collabs with them.

    Call To Action — your CTA is the 2nd most important thing when it comes to acquiring followers next to your content. Write an actionable CTA that gets the audience to do something (e.g: give an answer/opinion, tag a friend…etc)

    Consistency — avoid having long gaps in between your posts. Post everyday if possible but I know this can turn easily into a full time job so I’ll say post every other day if possible (worse case scenario).

    Paid Marketing – You can run paid ad campaigns on different social media platform to reach the maximum targeted audience. Also, You can buy real Instagram followers from to give a quick head-start to your business page or account.

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