How to increase blog revenue with google Adsense?

I want to increase the revenue of my blog. I don’t know much about it.If anyone knows how to increase blog revenue with google Adsense please tell me about that.
Thank you

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Thanks for your question. First of all, you should check if your blog is eligible for AdSense or not. I think if you run a blog does not mean that Google automatically qualifies you for their program. They have a policy for selecting and approving websites that if you are eligible to be part of their AdSense program or not. Such as, if your blog contains pornography or illegal, they reserves the right to deny your entry into the AdSense program. I think you should read  about it in Google AdSense policies on Google Adsense website. You also can read the topic of this site about this. The topic is “ Why google Adsense reject the  application ?  “.

You should increase the blog’s level of traffic. AdSense program runs on a  system. It is called pay-per-click. It  means that you only get paid when people click on the advertisements on your blog. There is a  way so that you can increase the number of clicks of your blog. You should increase the total number of visitors to your blog.

You should write high-quality content. The content of your blog must be unique. So, you can draw the attention of  visitors. Your blog must be full of unique content that visitors can only find on your website.

You should optimize the content for search engines.It is known as Search Engine Optimization which works to show your  content will be top on the google search.

You should promote your website on the internet.So that when you visit another blog and the topics of the blog are related to your own blog then you can comment on their blog posts.Also, you can leave a link back to your blog.

You should optimize your blog design for AdSense advertisements. AdSense program allows you to choose where you want to display the advertisements on your blog.

Nowadays, the trend with AdSense bloggers is to place their advertisement locations in line with their blog posts. You should place your advertisements near the top and left of the main page. I know from the recent research that conducted by Google. They say the advertisements in that locations tend to fare better than elsewhere. I  think this is likely due to the advertisement’s visibility upon visiting the blog.

You have to  sure that your AdSense advertisements are relevant to your blog. Such as, if you are blogging on mobile technology but your advertisements are for fitness, your visitors do not click on the advertisement.
Thus you can increase blog revenue with google Adsense.
hope you find your answer.
Thank you.

Default Answered on October 3, 2016.
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