How to learn best SEO techniques?

I was in search of learning about SEO, but I didn’t have much time to visit institutes. So first I learned by myself through youtube videos. On-page and Off-page SEO are very different from each other. One is like baking the cake and the other is like putting icing over it to grab the attention of peoples and make it look attractive. I am currently learning off-page SEO for my business website of CIPD assignment writing help UAE, and I have learned a lot in it. Most people think that off-page is only about backlinks but it is way more than that. Seo is not a piece of cake, you just need to learn it properly. I checked out the online courses on SEO by freecodecamp, Coursera, udemy, etc. But still, I need some practice in it. If anybody can help me out?

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Below are the techniques that you should be paying attention to increase your site’s organic traffic as we move into 2021. They’re not the only SEO tactics you’ll need to be using, but these techniques should form a core part of your strategy. By working to implement each of these, you’ll be able to work on improving your visibility and traffic.

1. Find Your Competitors’ Best Performing Pages

2. Inform Your Content Strategy Using A Keyword Gap Analysis

3. Use Digital PR To Earn Authority Backlinks

4. Improve Your Organic CTR Using PPC Testing

5. Optimize For ‘People Also Ask’

6. Steal Your Competitor’s Broken Backlinks

7. Use Supporting Content To Show Topical Expertise

8. Use Internal Links To Supercharge Page 2 Rankings

9. Optimize Core Web Vitals

10. Make Your PR Team’s Efforts Work Harder For SEO and Turn Brand Mentions Into Links

11. Optimize For Image Search

12. Clean Up Toxic Links


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