How to make Relationship with UNKNOWN Girl?

I want to make a good relationship  with UNKNOWN Girl?  But I haven’t enough brave to proposed her. Will you please give me a good suggestion?

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    Thanks for the questions.

    Do you want to make a love relationship with UNKNOWN Girl?
    But how?
    Then read this instructions vary attentively and try to understand every line and every word & follow this instruction carefully.

    Suppose, You love a beautiful girl. You can’t express your feelings to her. Then

    Lets we see how to say
    At first don’t say and try to know about her from all side. Such as: about her, her character and her outlook. If this sides are ok, please try to know what she loves. And try to love that things, what she loves. Then try to see eye to eye. Because, if two people see eye to eye, they agree with each other. Go to see with her. When she will appear in your eye sight, look at her at a glance and when you see that she follows you then you will smile sweetly. Your smile will such as that she can easily realize that you like her. Please continue this way at list 20-25 days. Then you will see that she will agree
    with you.

    BE WARE: Do not follow another girl and miss behalf with her. So that she can not hate you.
    Now say about your love with her friends so that they can say about you and your love to her. When you confirm that she also feel you too. Now you can go to talk with her. Of course you talk such a way that she can be interested to talk to you and interested to know about you. Then you will see that she is feeling you and she is expressing her feeling to you. At this sweet moment you also share your feelings of love .Then one day you will see that this feelings will turn into love.

    This means you win her mind/heart successfully. In a word, you win the race of love.

    Brong Answered on March 15, 2017.
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