How to Play Hockey?

Hockey is one of the most popular game but I don’t know how to play How to Play Hockey? So I want to play hockey and I want to learn the rules and regulations of Hockey?

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    One kind of game was introduced like Hockey in the country of Persia, as far know two thousand years before Christ. After wards it was introduced France to Greece and Greece to Rome. The people of France was started the game named Hocket.  Hocket means a stick of Shepherd it is a France word. Later on the peoples of England learns this game from France they started the name of Hocke. According to the English pronunciation this game is spread out whole world in the name of hockey. The International hockey was included in the Olympic games in 1980. The game of hockey was included in Asian games in 1958. First world cup hockey competition was started in 1971. Bangladesh hockey federation was formed 1972.

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