How to play Soccer / Football?

How to play Soccer / Football and what is the rules and regulations of this games?

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    Soccer / Football is an ancient and popular game in the world. In course of time this game has become a modern game. Modern sports “Soccer / football” was originated in England. Again rules of Soccer / football were also formulated in England. Due to its huge popularity this game has spread all over the world very fast. There is a international body to control football namely “Federation International Football Association (FIFA). This organization came in being on 21 may in 1904 in Paris with initiatives and cooperation this organization football spreads in many countries. Soccer / Football is most popular game in the world. There are 17 rules to organize and conduct football game. FIFA ensures formulation and implementation of football related rules. Therefore this game is held all over the world maintaining same rules.

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      I think fans play the main role in the performance of every player. A beginner can play like an expert when a large number of people are backing up and supporting him. Once I was in the stadium and watching the match, and the favourite team was in a big trouble. All stadium starting to cheering them and waving their supporting personalised scarves, the whole stadium roaring with the sound of “Goal it”. From this, the morale of our team increases and in result they made the goal and wins the match. Everyone was amazed that they are losing the game before some moments and now they won the match. From this, I learnt a lesson that the fan support can do anything and makes you able to play like a professional.

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