How to recover or get back lost gmail address?

I was created a google’s gmail address but I cannot access. But I need to it urgently. So I need to recover my google account at any cost. But I don’t know  How to recover or get back lost gmail address?
So I need yours help. Please some one help me.

Brong Asked on March 5, 2017 in Internet.
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    Thanks for your important questions. Many of us do not know how to recover google account or gmail address.  To recover your google or Gmail account please follow this instructions below –

    If you lost your gmail password or gmail account, then you can recover your account easily by providing simple answers and documents. Now lets we see the way of google account recovery.

    Lost Password:

    1. First go to
    2. Here you will get a  account recovery form.
    3. If you have Gmail Address and lost your password, Then enter your Gmail Address and click Next Button.
    4. Now you will get a option of Last Password you remember. Now enter your last password here. (If you lost your password, Then click on “Try a efferent questions”    from the link below.
    5. Now you will get another option, Here you may get like this ” Enter your full Mobile Number, Or Enter your full Email Address or Enter date when you have create your account”
    6. Now enter the correct information here. (Account recovery Mobile Number of your Gmail, Enter recovery email Address, or write correct Month & Year)
    7. If you can provide correct information then you will get account recovery option.  if you can provide phone number or email address, then you will get a security code in your phone or email.
    8. if you get your security code, then you can recover your email address.

    Lost Gmail:

    1. If you lost your gmail address, then click on find my account
    2. Now you will get an option for enter mobile number or email address.
    3. Now enter your account recovery mobile number or account recovery email address.
    4. In next option write you name. (Remember: If you fail to write your correct first name or last name, then you could not find email address.)
    5. if you can write your correct first name or last name, then you could not find email address, you will find your email address here.
    6. Now to enter into your email address, login in your account.
    7. If you lost password, then follow the instruction of Lost Password.

    Hope you have got your answers. I will try to make a video about this topics . Thanks.

    Brong Answered on March 5, 2017.
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