How to Start a Relationship?

I love a girl. I think she also loves me. I propose her. But I don’t have any experience of relationship. Now I and my girlfriend want a long time relationship. I want to know how to make a good relationship.

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    Thanks for your question. You have to follow some steps if you want to impress  a girl.  Such as,  if you are smart, show it off to your girlfriend. If you are funny, try to  make people laugh. If you are good at sports, you should give her a demonstration. Let her know how you are different. If you find yourself without any prospects, then you should think of what you like to do that defines who you are. Try to impress your girlfriend with your ability.

     The most important part of any kind of relationship is communication. If you cannot communicate with your partner properly, you can not maintain your relationship.

    When you try to make a relationship with a person whom you like. Talk to her . Most of the people do not like to jump straight into a relationship. You should find a reason to talk to her. Try to have an interesting conversation to determine if you and she are compatible.

    You should give her an honest representation of yourself. I think mistrust and deceit could ultimately harm your relationship.

    I think flirting is a fine activity if you are interested in her who like to flirt. Your social and playful activity certainly draws attention and make her more interested in you.

    Take all the things slowly. There is no need to hurry  into a relationship. If you try to move  quickly, she may be turned off. Try to do your normal routine, with her in mind, rather than changing your whole life around her.

    Talk about the relationships. When you feel comfortable enough to ask her to be your girlfriend, discuss it with her and see if  she feels the same way.Then you should make a relationship with her.

    Hope you find your answer.

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      I think if you are good in your behavior, then your relationship will grow automatically.

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