I want to know the Basic English Grammar Rules please help.

I’m a student of intermediate level. But I’m not good at in English. Now I want to  Improve English Grammar Skills. But I don’t know how.  Can anyone tell me the easy way to  Improve English Grammar Skills ?.
I want to know the Basic English Grammar Rules please help.

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Thanks for your questions. Here I’m tring to give your answers in short. you can see details from my website Knowledge World.

RE: I want to know the Basic English Grammar Rules please help.

In every language has some basic rules so that the speaker or will be learner needs to realize before moving on to harder skills at the first time. English itself has some basic rules which people need to abide by it to create sense to hearers and readers at the same time. Here are 10 basic English grammar rules which are really easy to realize and easy to learn.

10 Basic English Grammar Rules That You Need To Know

  1. Just only use capital letters for appropriate nouns and at the first of a sentence.
  2. In every sentence, there should be one noun and one verb at the same time. A sentence with more than one noun or verb is always confusing to understand at all.
  3. When a sentence will complete, just use appropriate punctuation. So there is no need to have dual punctuation when finishing a sentence. If an apostrophe is needed you have to make sure to use it to show your ownership. An apostrophe is also used when words are shortened.
  4. Whenever writing other multiple sentences about the same subject or line you thought about, just use paragraphs to distribute long segments of writing.
  5. When linking two lines of thought of a sentence, you should use a conjunction to make things or make better sense.
  6. Do not try to end a sentence with a preposition.
  7. The sentences should be completed thoughts and not wreckages.
  8. The conjunction word should not be used to start of a sentence.
  9. Don’t try to use double negatives. Such as- no, not and never.
  10. Always avoid repeating lines of thought in a sentence.

See mode details from here. 10 Basic English Grammar Rules That You Need To Know.

If you have any questions, ask me here.

Brong Answered on April 28, 2017.
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you can download new round book 6 it has all basic rules and there are exercises for you to practice. it helped me a lot.

Default Answered on April 9, 2018.
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