Is statistics difficult to learn?

Hello friends,
I am very interested to learn statistics.  But some of my friends have said to me that it’s very difficult to learn is it true?

Is statistics difficult to learn?


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If you have a good teacher, I don’t think it’s hard. Unfortunately, good teachers – and more specifically, good stats teachers that match your background are hard to find.

Stats is traditionally taught in the math manner (see the other answers already written). That’s great for (many of) the math and stat/math majors. It’s terrible for just about everyone else. It’s blasphemous to those people to say it, but you can teach stats without a lot of math. I had a music major who frankly was terrible at math get a solid B when I taught a section.

Personally, for me, it was the realization that stats were just a rigorous and quantitative representation of all the scientific principles you are taught in science classes. I think I’ve heard someone called it applied philosophy. For example, using controls/standards, quality control, visualizing the data, cleaning the data – these are all scientific concepts, but there are statistical equivalents that represent them with math. I have passed by very few statistics concepts where I haven’t found an intuitive meaning (and I know the ones I haven’t figured out one, have one – I’m just not smart enough to figure it out).

So the answer to your question: If you’re taking a class that is taught in an applied manner, it shouldn’t be that hard.

For a traditional stats class, you need some skill in math. For basic stats, you need to be decent at high school algebra. It should be easy in that case, because the classes tend to just have you fill in formulas. For advanced stats, you need to be good at math in general. Regards Lauren Foster Professional Writer at UK Dissertation Writing Help

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Yes, you are absolutely right. Thanks for the details.
I think Statistics is not difficult to learn if you love this subject. Go ahead.

on March 26, 2019.
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