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An online merchant account is a certain type of bank account that drives it feasible for businesses to receive multiple payment methods. Typically, it permits your online business to receive an online debit card and credit card payments online, in-store, and via the phone.

Merchant accounts are specified beneath you and your business and a merchant acquiring bank for compensation of card transactions. And in some cases, an independent sales organization (ISO), a partner service provider, or a payment service provider, is also a part of the merchant’s contract.

Whether you share the merchant contract directly with the acquiring bank or through an aggregator, you’re contractually bound to follow all the functional restrictions set by the credit card associations, which contain security standards.

Yet, standard brick-and-mortar businesses can run cash-only and then make perform deposits at their bank to avoid the requirement for a merchant account. To have any sort of thriving online business, you must accept credit and debit cards. So bypassing merchant accounts is not a choice.

An online merchant account is a kind of business bank account. Yet, it’s not a bank account that you’ll ever have immediate access to. However, merchant accounts need collaboration with a merchant acquiring bank that stimulates all the transmissions that appear as part of an electronic payment transaction.

What is Required for Merchant Accounts?

Standard merchant accounts need you to conduct a merchant account application.

To perform this, you’ll require:

  • Business bank account
  • Business license
  • Financial statements
  • Physical address
  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • Articles of incorporation
  • PCI compliance
  • Supporting documents, like business plans, business policies, marketing materials, etc.

Each standard merchant account will have its own application procedure and specified requirements. So, to ensure you have what you will require, call and request. But most of them don’t have any problem conveying upfront what you require.

Why do you require so much? For every new merchant account that a partner bank authorizes, there’s a particular amount of risk implicated. Because the merchant account bank frees funds to the small business account before the funds have fully settled, such kind of account serves as a type of credit.

However, some payment service providers only deliver the merchant account. Whereas, others provide both merchant account and payment processing. So, ensure that you know what payment processor you’re curious about services. If you like both from a single merchant account provider, it will assist slim down your selections.

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