What are some examples of great marketing?

What are some examples of great marketing?

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Marketing is whole new world in itself,  changing rapidly with trends. Marketing is not about to sell the products or services but marketing is creating, designing or developing the product or services which fulfills the demand and need of humans known as marketing.

For Ex:

DS GROUP’s (Pulse) :  Ds Group designed a Product, Toffee basically which aroma is quite good and flavors like kachcha aam filled with tasty tangy masala in its center which fits the tastebud of peoples. Every shop like Chaiwala’s Grocery store’s and other shops received crazy demand in Indian market.

Mach III Razor by Gilette : Gilette launched a razor series name mach III which is designed keeping user in mind with 3 super blades  and  above a slight thin glycerine to stop face from rashes and irritation, people got the product which can give close cut shave without any extra effort and after all a gylcerine to keep face good.

They did the marketing right way and got swamped with orders.

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