What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones?

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Thanks for your questions. I think this questions ” .What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones?” is very important for all like yours.Here I’m trying to give your answers in brief.

Yes, then this is very important for us so that get complete information about the convenience & inconvenience of mobile phone. (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Today, there will hardly be anyone who does not have a mobile phone. It is common for every person to have a mobile phone because the man has been able to do so.

But when we use a mobile phone, we have to keep in mind what there are advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Mobile phones have completely changed the way people connect with each other.

I am sharing those points that I thins be in normal way, ok

Advantages of Mobile Phones

1. Easy communication

2. Join new technology or social website

3. Promote in Business Help in Business

4. Help in people’s safety and legal issues

5. Helpful in Emergency

Mobile phones Disadvantages

1. All Time Disturbing Machine

2. Distraction of the vehicle while driving

3. Impact on Health

4. Time Waste Time Waste…

5. Privacy and safety violation

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Mobiles Phones? Know about the Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phone there are other so many advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones with perspective to peoples daily use.

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