What are the basic tools required for SEO?

What are the basic tools required for SEO?

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    Talking about the Best SEO tools, it is an important device that helps you in a better understanding of the website.

    Imagine yourself, doing keyword research, and finding out the effective backlinks, and also keeping track of your competitor without SEO tools.

    Wouldn’t it be difficult for you ?? Obviously yes,

    These are when your SEO tools are important and play their part.

    Some of the best SEO tools which are free and paid that can help you do Seo by yourself:

    Google search console: Google search console is a free SEO tool provided by Google itself. It helps you measure Search traffic and performance, fix issues of your website.

    Google search console features:

    1. Search appearance
    2. Search traffic
    3. technical status updates
    4. crawl data

    Moz Pro: Moz Pro is another Seo tool that helps increasing traffic, boosting rankings, and high visibility. It works efficiently on keyword research and optimization. Moz Pro is a paid tool but you can have access to some free features.

    Seo Spider: Seo Spider crawls through your web pages and informs you about the broken links and errors on your website. It comes in both a free and paid version. The free version has some limited features.

    Apart from finding out broken links it also helps in:

    1. Analyse Page Titles & MetaData
    2. Discover Duplicate Content
    3. Extract Data with XPath
    4. Review Robots & Directives
    5. Generate XML Sitemaps. etc

    SEOQuake: SEOQuake is a free SEO tool. It is all in one SEO tool.

    some features of SEOQuake :

    1. Keyword Density report
    2. Internal/External Link analysis
    3. Social Metrics

    SpyFu: SpyFu is one of the most efficient SEO tools that comes in both in the free and paid version. These tools help in spying in your competitor’s performance.

    some of the features of SpuFu:

    1. Unlimited Backlink Results
    2. Data Exports
    3. In-Depth SEO Reports
    4. Backlinks Exports / Searches
    5. AdWords Advisor Reports
    6. Domain Searches
    7. Paid Keywords

    Above mentioned are the best one’s that are used and recommended by the experts.

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