What are the frameworks used in Java Development?

    I want to know the various types of frameworks in Java development apart from Spring framework. I am working on a project and I want to know about frameworks so that I can lead my team.

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      As you are working on a project by hiring java development team, it is very important for you to be aware of the basics in the technology. At least the name and function of topmost Java frameworks. Apart from Spring framework, developers use some other topmost frameworks in Java software development company for software development. Le’s discuss those frameworks-

      1. Grails

      Grails is a dynamic framework, which works with Java technologies like Hibernate, Spring, Quartz, and Java EE containers.

      An open source web development framework, widely popular among developers. It doesn’t need to configure the XML which means developers can quickly start the development process of building an top-notch application.

      2. Blade

      Blade was introduced in 2015, lightweight and simple which can be understood by any developer in a single day.

      Blade is based on Java 8, so it offers a RESTful-style routing interface, which makes it easier to understand and synchronize data into a website.

      3. Google Web Toolkit

      Being a free java framework, GWT helps the developers to write client-side java coding and a facility to deploy it as Javascript.
      Some products that are built using GWT are Google Wallet, Adsense, and blogger.
      In GWT, developers are easily able to write complex browser applications in less time.

      4. JavaServer Faces (JSF)

      In Java app development company, JavaServer Faces makes it easy to create web applications by leveraging on standard UI and web-tier concepts.

      Developed by Oracle, JSF is MVC software design pattern and has an architecture based framework that clearly defines the diff between the application logic and representation.

      5. Play

      Samsung, Verizon, The Guardian, and Linkedin..Ever heard the name of these top companies?
      Play Java framework is widely used by the above mentioned companies. Due to asynchronous model, it doesn’t compromise with speed, scalability, and performance.

      The interface is simple as well as intuitive which makes it easy for developers to catch up with framework and learn quickly.

      That’s it.
      Actually there are many frameworks in Java development but I have only mentioned the important ones.
      Hope it helped you.

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        Frameworks that are used in java programming such as

        • Hibernate
        • JSF
        • Vaadin
        • Struts 2
        • Spring MVC
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          Java Web Development Frameworks
          • Hibernate
          • GWT – Google Web Toolkit
          • Vaadin
          • Wicket
          • Vert.X
          • Spring MVC – Model View Controller
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