What are the things to consider before building a loft?


     How will loft conversion affect my property? Will I need planning permission to do a loft conversion?



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      Planning on a loft conversion? Take note of these things:

      1. The Structure of Your Home: Adding a loft might seem like a pretty simple step, after all, you’re just adding a little space. But before you even begin, it’s vital that you check the structural integrity of your property since the loft will mean added weight that will have to be supported by the foundations of your property.
      2. The Stairs: Constructing the stairs to your loft can be an overwhelming step. Often homeowners are faced with the dilemma of building the right stairs that will fit the space and reach the loft. 
      3. Emergency Exit: Safety will always remain as one of the top priorities even in loft conversion which is why it’s important that you adhere to the prescribed fire safety standards. This applies whether it’s a one-storey property or a two-storey house. 

      When it comes to planning permissions, loft conversions usually don’t require formal planning permissions, but it doesn’t hurt to be sure. BB Builders is home to extension builders Sunbury who will make sure that all the considerations to your loft extension will be checked, so get in touch with them here

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