What are the top 3 things professional chefs do not like to do in the kitchen?

I’m new here. I don’t know anything about this  kitchen.So I need to know about this in details. Please some one help me.

my questions is

What are the top 3 things professional chefs do not like to do in the kitchen?

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    Thanks for your questions. I think this questions ” What are the top 3 things professional chefs do not like to do in the kitchen? “ is very important for all like yours.Here I’m trying to give your answers in brief.

    Usually the biggest pain the butt jobs all involve cleaning something disgusting, or physically harmful … so here’s a list:
    Also, this is just normal cook stuff … not really exec chef stuff.

    – Cleaning the fryer
    – Cleaning the flat top with one of those bricks
    – Using the slicer because that means they have to take apart and clean it. Not really a hate job, maybe a 4 on a 10 scale. Just something most chefs would probably like to avoid.
    – Cleaning an oven with grease cutter.
    – Cleaning hoods – this isn’t actually legal. A superficial cleaning can be done, but usually fire safety laws require someone to be certified to clean the entire thing
    – Cleaning a grease trap – this isn’t actually legal either, because you’re supposed to properly dispose of the junk that comes out of the grease trap, and chefs don’t have that capability.
    – Cleaning and reorganizing the entire dry storage. It’s just lots of heavy lifting, and it’s tedious. Most deep cleaning jobs fall into this category.
    – Training a new dishwasher that is an immature diva knucklehead. It comes with the job, and no one enjoys a new dishwasher.

    Lots of execs hate dealing with their employees, and having to make a new schedule because someone is doing something super selfish like getting married, having a child, going on a honeymoon, getting sick, or having priorities outside of serving someone some fries, or whatever.

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    Brong Answered on June 9, 2017.
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