What can make my skin glow naturally?

To make your skin glow naturally you have to simply follow a simple lifestyle. And sprinkle a bit of discipline over it. What exactly I mean is the following:

1. Eat healthy—Reduced fatty, oily and spicy stuff. You have a tongue which will always make its presence felt. So, instead of trying to eliminate tasty stuff altogether, which can be next to impossible, try to just reduce their intake a bit. Do not eat too much salt and too much sugar. Focus on lots of greens and colourful seasonal fruits.

2. Sleep well—Sleeping well is a must for maintaining a healthy skin. This is so because a good night’s sleep helps regulate the bowel movement well, which ultimately shows on the skin too. Good digestion ensures a well hydrated skin, so focus on this. Reduce on the late night outs, and night-time works. Follow the clock by the hour.

3. Exercise well—If you are not the outdoor kind of guy or gal, try putting your body through some light exercises daily. Brisk walks, floor exercises, morning walks, etc. would add glow to your skin within a month.

4. Drink only adequate amount of water, systematically—Too much of anything is never a good thing. Specially for the body. Drink 2 glasses of warm water first thing in the morning to keep your bowels clean, and then drink whenever you feel thirsty through the day. Do not try to gulp down litres of water at one go. In spite of all the hype, this is not a good thing to do as it puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys for clearing out excess water.

5. Use Indus Valley DIY Beauty Combos for a clean, glowing skin—I have been using Indus Valley products for quite some time now and I am very satisfied. You too can give their products a try, specially their DIY beauty combos.

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