What does STFU mean? Where is STFU use?

I want to know details about STFU. Because I have seen many meaning of this word. Which one is correct meaning?

What dose stfu mean?
What is the meaning is STFU?
Where is STFU use?
What is the definition of STFU?


Brong Asked on July 23, 2018 in Word Meaning.
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What dose stfu mean? or What is  STFU? 

STFU is a English word which elaboration  is “Super Time Force Ultra“.  STFU  stands for “Super Time Force Ultra“.

Acronym Definition

STFU – Shut the Freak Up (polite form)

STFU – Star Trek Federation University

STFU – Scrawny Two-Faced Underling

STFU – Sir, That’s Freakin Ugly (polite form)

STFU – Samurai Training Finished Unsuccessfully

STFU – Show Them Fury Unleashed

STFU – Save the Flying Unicorns

STFU – Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union

STFU – Short-Term Follow-Up (pharmaceutical study)

STFU – Say, Thanks for Understanding

STFU – Shut the Fudge Up

STFU – Scrawny Two-Faced Underling

STFU – Shut the Foobar Up

STFU – Stop Talking Find Username

STFU – Super Time Force Ultra

STFU – Special Transitory Food Units

STFU – Sir, That’s Freakin Ugly

STFU – Show Them Fury Unleashed

STFU – Storming the Floor University

STFU – Stop Tickling Furry Unicornsrecent

STFU – Should the Fuck Up (Music, Dance, Bass)

STFU – Shreveport Times Forum Unhallowed
(MEDIA, Television, Radio)

STFU – Superior Tactical Fragging Unit
(Army, WAR, FORCE)

STFU – Security Testing For Utilities
(Security, CYBER, Technology)

STFU – Storming the Floor Universityrsity

Hope you have understand that what dose stfu mean. 


Brong Answered on September 3, 2018.
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