What Is A Story of Success?

    The dream of every person is to become successful. Success comes alongside with satisfaction and happiness after achieving a thing that one has admired for a long period. Success is a spiritual development. One does not require millions of money to feel satisfied. All that the individual requires is humble time with family members, good health, and the well-being of the people that one cares about. It further reflects on establishing a good relationship with friends, family members, workmates, and the neighborhood. Good relationships initiate satisfaction at work. It is so because one works hard to meet the demand of his/her life, as well as the needs of the loved ones. The current capstone essay will address success from two different perspectives to create an understanding of success and personal satisfaction.

    Having a successful life does not only reflect on living a better life and enjoying luxurious moments. One has the responsibility of helping the unfortunate people in the society. It implies that one is able to share happiness resulting in the satisfaction of many people. In other words, to be successful means to live in harmony. It is an obligation of all human beings to avoid conflict with the neighborhood, workmates, and the society at large. The simple things that individuals do on a daily basis define who they are. These simple things can bring satisfaction to many people; hence people do not necessarily need to look for luxuries and expensive life. Enjoying the simple things means that the person is satisfied with his/her life. This person does not get stress because of the things that he/she cannot afford in life. Nevertheless, one keeps working hard to become a better person in the society. Becoming better is not only concerned with the issue of financial success but also with improving personal traits and establishing new relationships to achieve satisfaction in life.

    For a man to feel satisfied in the society, it is important to have a loving wife, a son, and a daughter. A loving family defines a good relationship found on life and satisfaction. These are the people who always love a person and give him a reason to move on even during the challenging moments. It is evident that one also requires friends who can support him during emotional moments. Life is full of ups and downs. Success requires an individual to have real friends who will not abandon him during challenging moments of life. Friends should not take advantage of one another but should provide guidance on how to become successful and avoid pride and other things that can bring downfall. They are the pillars that help the person to stand firm in the challenges of life. Apart from friends, success can also be measured through programs that aim at helping the unfortunate people in the society.

    Every person has a story that he/she can use to define success. It calls for an emotional story that involves good times and challenging moments, but ends with a successful and victorious moments. Personally, I do not focus on the meaning of success provided in the dictionary. Every time the term is mentioned, it reminds me of Uncle John who always inspires me and other people by the reality of his life from the time he joined high school. He had a friend called Samuel who he trusted during childhood but abandoned when he thought he was successful.

    Joining high school was a success for John. He took it as an achievement since it was a way to move from the rural areas to the New York City. To him, it symbolizes a change of life from poverty to a luxurious life in the city. His dreams were to finish the high school, join a good college, get good grades, and secure a job with a big company. In other words, moving to New York was satisfying. Determination and hard work made him successful in the first phase. He successfully graduated and secured a job with one of the big companies in the city. Starting working with the company served as a turning point in his life. It is because his definition of success was to acquire wealth and earn a good pay to spend with friends and family members. He did not count it important to establish good relationships that can support him even during a crisis. He joined a bad company that spent most of their time drinking alcohol and enjoying themselves in the night clubs. Although he was earning a good salary, he started to face difficulties since the salary was not enough to pay for the luxurious life. John started to face some difficulties both with his family members and friends who were taking advantage of his generosity to exploit him. The amount of money that used to be enough became insufficient to the extent of being unable to feed his family. These issues made him forget personal satisfaction. He became an alcoholic addict and a regular customer of the street prostitutes.

    In conclusion, success is simply satisfaction, spending time with friends or family members and actively participating in changing the lives of others. It entails living in harmony and enjoying simple things. When an individual misunderstands the real meaning of success, he/she ends up being wasted and exploited. Relationships are the basis of success together with living positively and helping the unfortunate people in the society.

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