What is Beeg? what is the actual meaning of BEEG?

I have seen many things on  the internet by the name of “BEEG BEEG” . But I don’t know that what is the actual meaning of BEEG?

Can anyone help me?
Please tell me,

What is Beeg?


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Thanks for the question.  I have search on internet by typing this word BEEG. But Could not find the actual meaning of this question.
According to Wikipedia, Beeg may refer to:
Beeg, Netherlands, – the Limburgish name of Grevenbicht, a village in the Netherlands
Bluegrass Beeg, – a music festival taking place in Beeg
Gunda Beeg, – 19th-century German writer and activist
Beeg Boy – nickname for Rico Carty (born 1939), baseball player.

And according to urban dictionary,
Beeg is Another word of “Blow Job” When a man gets his penis sucked.
Example: Tyler’s dad offered him a beeg.
by Taavi KH February 16, 2009

Brong Answered 4 days ago.
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