What is family? What is family structure?

I live in a family but I don’t know the definitions of family. Can anyone help me by clarifying me this two answers?

What is family?
What is family structure?

Thanks to all

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    What is Family? 
    The family is living together with mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother and relatives. Come face to face with each other. Help Collaborate.

    Family needs:
    The family acts as a bond in every person’s life. After working around the house, people came back home in the evening after pulling this bond. Family happily-sad, in danger – you all act as a shadow.

    The whole family surrounds this family – consciousness, laughter and Hannah ie daily life and journey. There is no meaning of the sea except the waves, and there is no value to the people except the family. So the family acts as an essential element in every human life.

    Thanks for the question.

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