What is love? Kinds of love.

Many love scholars are writing about love everyday But I don’t know what is love still now. Have it any kinds?
In previous questions I have seen that How to love?
What is different between love and relationship?
But I haven’t find kinds of love here. Please clarify me about the kinds of love.

Thanks to all

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    Hi Mohi,
    Thanks for your questions. Actually this questions is very hard to answers because you know that love defines is not same. ones definitions is not same to another. Now I shall try to tell you universal definition of love

    Love is a emotional feelings which comes form the core of heart which is express by his or her act’s and behavior.Mohi Uddin

    kinds of love: Love mainly 2 in number.
    1. Platonic love, 2. un-platonic love

    Platonic love :

    platonic love is the love of soul without having any physical relation.
    as for example, we can say that – Suppose you have heard some ones beauties or his or her heroism’s  description form your friends or someones mouth. On hearing this you fall in love with him or her. This is Platonic love.  This kinds of love depends on full of imaginations.

    un-platonic love :
    un-platonic love is the love of soul and physical which having the relation of two soul and physic.
    In this kind of love have sensual and sexual relationship with your beloved.

    After a vast analysis psychologist  have divided into four in number. So un-platonic love’s are four in number.
    1. Equal Love
    2. Calculative Love
    3. One sided Love
    4. Triangle Love

    Equal love: Equal love is that kind of love where the boy and the girl are the same status and qualification.  It may be  educational qualification or wealth status or love each other equally. (or any kind of qualification)
    it can be defined another ways,  when a man and a woman loves each other there is called equal love.

    Calculative love: calculation means count. According to English Dictionary – Calculation is a mathematical determination of the size or number of something.
    synonyms of this word is –    computation, reckoning, adding up, counting up, working out, figuring, totaling up, totting up
    Example:  “finding ways of saving money involves complicated calculations” ,  “the calculation of the overall cost”

    Another Meaning of Calculation is an assessment of the risks, possibilities, or effects of a situation or course of action.
    synonyms of this word is –    assessment, judgment; forecast, projection, prediction
    “decisions are shaped by political calculations”“political calculations”
    From this above definitions I think you are now clear about the word calculation. and I think you can easily guess that what I mean it.

    We can say Calculative love where a man or woman loves for wealth or status. In this kind of love  lovers does not love for his or her beloved, They love only for his or her selfishness.

    One sided love: one side love is that kind of love where 1 loves 2 but 2 doesn’t loves 1.
    as for example, we can say that – Suppose you love some one but she doesn’t loves you because she loves another person.

    Triangle love: In this kind of love you will see that lover’s trying to win his beloveds mind at any cost. for this,  lover loves that things what his beloved likes and love.

    In short, I have tried to say some thing on regarding your 2 questions “What is love?” and “Kinds of love?”  Please let me know you have got your answers or not.

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