What is Mobile Responsive Websites? Why it is so important to have a Mobile Responsive Websites?

    What is Mobile Responsive Websites? Why it is so important to have a Mobile Responsive Websites?

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      Responsive websites display correctly not only on personal computers but on mobile phones also. Some elements of the website change their width/height depends on the device’s display resolution. Such websites have much better ranking on Google and these days people mostly use mobile phones to surf the web so any website needs to be responsive actually. For example, if you create a contact form with aidaform but it’s too wide, someone who’ve visited your website from a smartphone won’t fill this form because it’s not convenient enough.

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        Mobile Responsive Websites are basically mobile-friendly sites which are designed in a way to provide the best user experience for mobile users.
        Why is it important?
        There are more than 4 billion mobile users and it is proved that a website is mostly accessed by a mobile device instead of a desktop or laptop. If you ever contact a  hire dedicated resources company then make sure that their developers are more concern about the user interface of the mobile structure. A smooth mobile website is an utmost step in website development.

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          Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design method aimed at designing web pages in a way that they are easily accessible over various devices ranging from the mobile phone, tablets, laptops, etc.

          Mobile Responsive Websites is important because

          1. Over half of the web traffic is on smartphones and tablets.
          2. Google favors mobile friendly websites.
          3. Mobile friendly websites increases conversion
          4. Reduces bounce rate
          5. Business will be seen modern and relevant.
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