What is the best affiliate WordPress plugin?

Anyone else use Affiliate WordPress plugin for viral marketing and get more traffic? Please advise me for this issue that what is the best and effective reliable for WordPress Affiliate Plugin in the market that use by reliable brand and many people.

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    Thank you very much for your available question. Many people ask this question like you because they does not know which WordPress Plugin  will be better for their affiliate business. Most of the people are using Amazon affiliate. so I’ll tell you some most popular plugins name for Amazon affiliate.


    Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins


    AmazonSimpleAdmin is ideal for integrating Amazon products into your WordPress pages. Using the many templates included in the plugin, you can display your product in many different styles. It uses the Amazon Product Advertising API to receive product data, and you need to feed in your Amazon Associate ID to keep track of commissions. You can design your own template as well. It supports Amazon stores in many countries and the backend is available in many languages.

    EasyAzon is a very powerful plugin for amazon affiliate marketing that. By using this plugins you can create Amazon text affiliate links right from within your WordPress post editor. It’s necessary to obtain an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key from Amazon to be able to request for product details, and then retrieve them from the Amazon website.

    Amazon Link Engine
    Immediately on installation of the Amazon Link Engine, your Amazon links are localized every time a user loads the page. This is done automatically based on the visitor’s location. Even if you add new links to your WordPress site, each link converts automatically. The user interface is simple and easy to use, needing only a one time configuration.

    Amazon Link

    Amazon Link is a useful very plugin to add Amazon product links from amazon within your own WordPress posts. This plugins  help you keep track of commissions, all the links include your unique Amazon affiliate ID. While it’s possible to assign a default country, the plugin is compatible with Amazon associate programs in most countries around the world as well. It translates the product description automatically based on the visitor’s location.

    Amazon Auto Links
    Amazon Auto Links plugin is very helpful in picking out your targeted categories procuct from amazon affilia, and automatically adding the links. It filters unwanted products by blacklisting them by description, title, and ASIN. Once you select the categories that you want to display, you’ll no longer need to search for products and paste affiliate links manually.


    Now I will tell you some  Premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins Name: 

    Amazon WooImporter
    Amazon WooImporter is the best way to import products from the Amazon website to your WooCommerce store. With the plugin in place, you can also search Amazon for products using different filters such as keywords, category, price range, condition, site. If you set Price rules, you can add your own markup or margin to the product price. At a  time, you can display regular sales price of the products. When the import is complete, the products appear in the well decorated WooCommerce table. Using the Quick Edit and the Live Preview feature, you can customize the product pages. The product pages remain fresh always with the help of the scheduled posting option. The auto update feature ensures up to date info on product price and stock availability.

    Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin
    Amazon eStore Affiliates has added a unique content-spinner that automatically replaces the product information of linked Amazon products. This helps you to improve SEO and to differentiate your display from those of other Amazon affiliates. Besides this, you can also modify this content manually if you want. You can keep track of how each individual product is performing and fine tune your product selection and display. The advanced search and bulk import module lets you import Amazon products in bulk and integrate these into your website. The user interface is easy to use and you have an option to roll back any changes you make. It bundles a free theme, as well as many premium plugins including Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
    If you’re using WooCommerce website to run your online business / store, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a great plugins to manage your affiliate marketing. Using the ASIN Grabber, it lets you import products from Amazon right into your store and earn commission. When someone tries to purchase a product, they’ll be redirected to Amazon automatically. The advanced search and bulk import feature allows you to search products by category or keyword. The “Synchronization Module” will keep the products updated on your store. Once you set up a keyword, the products are imported automatically. Additionally, you can also import specific products by listing the corresponding ASIN in a CSV file.

    WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack
    WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack  is the best plugins for multiple Amazon Affiliates Advertising plugins in one bundle and throws in a WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates theme as well. It includes a contextual advertising plugin and a discount finder. You need to install the pack, set up the plugins and fill out your Amazon Associate id. For this pack to work, you’ll need WordPress, WooCommerce, Amazon account for Secret Access keys and Amazon Affiliate account.



    WooCommerce and WordPress Themes for WooCommerce are great aids for setting up an online store. And affiliate marketing is a popular way to monetize your website. You can earn revenue by marketing your own product or that of others on your online store. It’s not too difficult to implement too – sign up with an affiliate program and choose products lines that you feel confident of marketing to your audience. And then take help from these Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins to streamline functioning and set the cash registers ringing.

    Know Which network affiliate will better for you from here.


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