What is Student? What is the elaboration form of student?

I want to know the details about STUDENT.

  • What is Student? 
  • What is the elaboration form or full form of Student?


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    What is STUDENT?

    The English word STUDENT comes from the Latin wordSTUDENT” which means learner or pupil.
    a school pupil.

    Definition of Student:  STUDENT is a person who is studying at a school, college, university or another place of higher education.

    The elaboration form of the student is

    S = Study
    T = Truthfulness
    U = Unity
    D = Discipline
    E = Economy
    N = Nationality
    T = Training

    This is the full form of STUDENT

    Thanks for the question

    Brong Answered on April 10, 2019.
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