What is the main purpose of a hot towel?

What is the main purpose of a hot towel?

Brong Asked on July 28, 2022 in Home Utility.
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I can honestly admit that one of the reasons I visit the barber for a shave, rather than doing it myself at home, is because it feels so damn cool and way better than the hurried job I do before work or sleep. It’s a double benefit of a facial and a close shave. The hot towel application might be one of the most significant parts of the procedure, and it plays a crucial role in the quality of the shave, as well as my comfort. 

So, what’s the utility of that hot towel? I had asked this question to a barbershop in Anaheim. What I was told is as follows-  

1.It opens the pores 

The same reason for which you splash hot water on your face before shaving at home, this hot towel opens the pores. This has significance for a healthy and safe shave. After the pores are open, it lets more of the follicle be exposed 

2. It softens the hair 

You also wish to soothe the hairs before a shave, and this process does the same. The razor cuts through relaxed, softer hair more effortlessly, and it causes far less drag. It’s like aggressive drudgery on your face. By opening the pores, you let the oil in the skin work its way down the hair follicles, which softens and nourishes them further. 

3. It’s relaxing 

People enjoy that hot towel because it feels damn good. It’s wrapped around your face and blocks out the world, leaving you alone with your thoughts. Additionally, it comforts the skin and hair and permeates the senses. 

4. The post-shave cold towel does the opposite 

Once the shave is over, the barber will give you another towel wrap. Now, this one will be fresh from the refrigerator. This cold wrap has the opposite effect, and for a better reason. It closes the pores, to protect them from invasion by shaving debris and bacteria. 


Brong Answered on July 28, 2022.
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