What is the real meaning of a healthy relationship?

    It is not jazzy to hear or glamorous to look at. A healthy relationship is a love, any healthy relationship is love and a healthy relationship is possible only when you are “healthy”. So the relationship of a healthy being is called love. The definition is so simple you don’t find anything very embellished about it. What is the healthy being, healthy being is one who is not restless, who is not continuously suffering, whose mind is not continuously wandering in stress, not strolling in misery, when you are settled within and you have sureness within, then in all your relationships this sureness, this power, this peace, this completeness shows.


    What you have simply reflected in your relationship. If you are healthy then that health shines in all your relationships and that health is called love. Now, what does Health mean? Health means that which you unconditionally are, a free mind is a health. Similarly, even in your worst situation, you will not be able to force yourself to like misery or suffering, so joy is health joy is your nature.


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