What is the scope of a freelancer in India?

India is a third-world country. Whatever trends that occur in the west will reach India only a few years down the online. Any industry or a trend which is saturated in the west might have just started to bloom in India. For example, the fintech industry which has become very prevalent in the west has just started becoming popular in India.


A lot of digital skills like graphic design, video editing, digital marketing, gaming, and content creation which have a saturated market in the west are just becoming popular in India. This is the case with freelancing as well.


It is estimated that nearly 70% of the US workforce is involved in some kind of freelance job and there are thousands and thousands of freelancing jobs online available in the US. Therefore this freelancing trend will become widespread adding to the scope of a freelancer in India.


Because freelancing is a remote-friendly style of working, most of the jobs and transactions will be completely online. Right now if you google freelancing jobs online there are hundreds of jobs from various freelancing sites will appear. In the upcoming years, the number of freelance jobs online will keep increasing. Freelancers with digital skills will have more scope because of the rising digital trends.


Web designers, content writers, graphic designers, video editors, SEO experts, Digital marketers and Developers will get the most number of freelancing jobs online. This is because most businesses are going online and not all of them cannot afford to have full-time employees doing these digital skill-based roles. If you are a Indian freelancer, you may want to know more about growth & tax rules of freelancers.


Combined with this the increasing growth of the startup ecosystem in India, there is going to be a big demand for freelancers with the above-discussed digital skills. Therefore thousands of companies with be hiring freelancers regularly. Such is the scope of a freelancer in India in the upcoming years. If you are someone who is thinking of becoming a freelancer in India now is the best time to begin.

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