What is the typical workday of a florist like? How busy are they?

    Florists are responsible for many different tasks during their workday. On a daily basis, they are required to water, cut, clean, and condition all of the flowers and foliage so that they can be stored properly. They trim materials, arrange bouquets according to their orders, build wreaths and terrariums, as well as use trimmers, wire, pins, shapers, floral tape, foam, and other materials to make their arrangements. 

    Other daily tasks include performing office and retail services like maintaining financial records, assisting customers, answering the phone, selling gift items, and taking care of payments. If there is a shipment, florists must unpack the stock and ensure that it is properly stored. Building customer relationships is very important, and florists usually are expected to inform customers about care, maintenance, and the handling of various flowers and plants found within the shop. 

    Typically, florists have to have a good grasp on efficiency and time management while still being creative and assisting customers. If you are interested in learning more about a career as a florist, visit Pearsons School of Floristry.

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