What should be sequence of Link Building after on page?

Assalam o alaikum
My question is that what should be sequence of Link Building after on page. Like Forums, Q&A, Guest Posting, Directories , Web2.0, Pdf Submissions etc. and after how much time of posting content and on page, we can start making backlinks.
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    In my opinion, don’t build many backlinks so fast. In start just do some social shares and do some blog comments at related sites, once google start collecting imp and clicks on you google search console formally known us google webmaster tools, then start getting 2 guest posts per week from DA 20+ and TF 15+ sites to increase some authority of your site. slowly get more guest posts and If you want do some web 2.0 as well but always control your anchor txt I mean don’t build too many links on the same keyword do rotate your keywords. also once again I repeat don’t build too many links so fast.

    Brong Answered on July 28, 2018.
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