What should I know before choosing a live chat solution for a website?

The live chat solution you choose for your website will depend majorly on your business type. Keep these factors in mind while selecting the best live chat solution for your website to reach your business goals:

1) Use case

Your intended use case will affect what live chat features and integrations you will require for your website. In case you are looking for a live chat for customer support, this software should be able to connect to your help docs – which will often be a part of your primary help desk software. It should also show the customer’s purchase history for context – for example, with a Shopify integration for an eCommerce store. With the help of this, your support team can quickly answer questions concerning a specific customer’s account.

If you wish to employ a live chat tool for sales, it should connect to your CRM. Chatbots typically optimized for sales have features that assist customers towards conversions. The best chatbot software for sales will employ behavioral insights to start a conversation at the right time by offering a demo or guiding the customer toward the pricing page.

2) Agent usability

If the live chat tool you use on your website is challenging to use by your support agents, it might affect their performance. Hence, you do not want to use software that would make it hard to differentiate between customers if multiple chat windows open. A good live chat software should make it effortless to manage numerous customers at the same time.

It should also empower your agents to assist customers effectively through template responses, divert a conversation to a specific agent, and have organizational features like conversation tags.

3) Chatbot

AI Chatbots aid in saving support and sales teams by screening for common questions, which assist in lead qualification. If you are using live chat support, chatbot software can employ help docs and logic-based rules defined by your team to answer questions that don’t need a live agent. Questions like: “What’s the pricing?” and “How do I integrate with Dropbox?” can be answered without taking the help of an agent. AI Chatbots for sales can help lead generation by accumulating information like product interest, email addresses, and intended use cases.

4) Company size

Select a live chat software that is appropriate for your company’s size. A tool that does not provide organization and collaboration functionality might not be a good fit for large organizations. At the same time, a tool that’s specifically costly and feature-heavy won’t be a good fit for a small start-up business.

Find a live chat solution that supports your current team now, as well as how you can scale it up in the near future.

5) Integrations

Suppose your live chat software integrates with your customer service or sales setup. In that case, you will see all the customer’s interactions across channels to provide context for the conversation. With the help of additional integrations connected to your eCommerce stores, analytics platform, etc., you can get the most out of your live chat solution for a website.

After looking at the different criteria to select the best live chat solution for a website, one software that comes to my mind that meets all the requirements is Duvim Chat.

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