What types books are the best for job???

I need your help.please suggest me

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Thank you very much for your available question. I have seen that most of the students are suffer from this problem because they don’t know who is books is better for them and some of them buy low quality books from the library because librarian suggest to them to buy that book.  Always remember that, librarian is a businessman. He can suggest low quality book for his business purpose. so of course you should know which books is better for you and you should buy them from the market.

You haven’t say that which country do you live?
if you are Bangladeshi, then job solution, Bangla, English, of  professor’s Publication and MP3 publications math,  “Ajker Bissow”  will be better for you.  remember if you read this book then this will help you to get all kinds of jobs.

There are specific books for specific job. So you should decide that which job do you want to get  and you should target a job and buy that specific book  for that specific job.

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Brong Answered on September 15, 2018.
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