Which Air Conditioner is Better?

I want to buy a new air conditioner. For this I have seen various kinds of air conditioner and it’s seems to me that all air conditioner are good But I know all are not good. For this it’s very hard to choose perfect air conditioner for me because I don’t know and understand anything about electronic product even in air conditioner. But I want to buy a good air conditioner. So I want help from the expert person.
My questions is –
What should I see before buying a new air conditioner?
I will be very grateful to you if you help me to buy a good air conditioner.
Thanks to all

Brong Asked on June 28, 2017 in Electronics.
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    There are numerous options are flooding in market for AC but you have to decide what kind of options will be best suited for your requirement on the basis of:

    • Cooling Capacity
    • Energy Efficiency (on AC star rating)
    • Types of AC
    • Inverted AC
    • Dust Filter
    • Anti Bacteria Filter
    • Heating
    • Auto Cleaning

    So it would be suggested to you to have a look on those features and think what would be best required to you. The main features that generally you will need out to look is  energy efficiency which is defined with AC star rating. The another more important features you will be look out for are cooling capacity and type of AC that will be more suited to your room or area which you want to be cooled.

    Default Answered on February 13, 2020.
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      Look review in greenleafair.com  or other websites
      As the requirements are not clear if you are looking for value for money I would suggest Trane AC they are the oldest In the business and make quality products.Some basic requirment  needs that make your ac perfect like Cooling Capacity, Energy Efficiency ,  Types of AC, Inverted AC, Dust Filter etc.

      Default Answered on January 23, 2021.
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