Which approaches have been tried and proven to drive visitors to a website?

How can I increase web traffic to my tech niche-related website?

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The First way is to write High Quality and Engaging Articles. You should post them regularly. By the Term, Regular doesn’t mean daily. You can even post one article a week. But need to do it frequently. If you are already posting regular articles in your blog, the next step would be the Following.

Optimize for SEO: Make sure your blog is SEO Optimized. It would be best if you wrote eye-catching titles for every blog. Use keywords wisely and don’t over-optimize with keywords.

Be Strategic: Use Strategies while creating Content. Do a Content Analysis and explore the opportunities. Identify which Keywords to use. You can use Google Keyword Planner or BuzzSumo,

Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a compelling method that can drive regular traffic towards your blog. Offer something unique to your mailing list subscriber. Automate the email, send sequential emails. You might be amazed, James Clear used Email Marketing to generate traffic towards his website and eventually became the best-selling author with his best seller book Automic Habits.

Social Media: It is a potent tool to spread your blog articles like a wildfire. Share on Social Media sites every time you post an article on your Blog.

Apart from these, you can do Paid Advertising on Various channels. However, the best way to generate traffic is to write quality content, optimizing the article, keyword research, and strategy. If you continue to do these in a moment, you can generate huge traffic. But again, you won’t get traffic overnight. You have to be patient and do the hard work.

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