Which marriage is better?

I see many people are arguing about the topic of marriage. Many people say love marriage is better. Many people say arranged marriage is better. I am really confused about this. Please anyone tells me which marriage a better.

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    Thanks for your question. Nowadays marriage is a  very important social institution. Everyone wants to have a perfect match. But the way of choosing a partner is different. There is a debut that which marriage is better . Arrange marriage or love marriage. Love marriage is more popular in these recent years. I will tell you about the benefits of love marriage and arrange marriage below. Then you will decide what is best for you.

    Love Marriage
    In this marriage, both individual know each other already. They mutually decide to spend their whole life together.

    Only the couple are responsible for their choices and they can not blame anyone in future.

    They can eradicate dowry system.In most of the love marriages, the couple has the independence to take decisions at their own level.

    Arrange Marriage
    In this type marriage, there is no contract between two individuals.

    Two families are involved in this marriage. They know each other very  well.They are compatible with each other.

    The couple is guided by parents experience. but in love marriage couple is unknown about their future complexities.

    In this marriage, If there is any conflict between the couple the families are trying to resolve this problem.

    Hope you find your answer.
    Thank you.

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      I think arrange marriage is better?

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        Arranged Marriage Is A Better Idea
        Combined marriage is based on mutual trust and understanding rather than “love at first sight”. In a combined marriage, commitment is what unites the two people and love gradually blossoms. Thus, commitment is the greatest advantage for those who go to a combined marriage.

        Court Marriage Procedure

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