Which TV Is The Best To Buy?

I want to buy a new TV . For this, I have seen various kinds of TV and it seems to me that all TV are good But I know all are not good. For this, it’s very hard to choose perfect TV for me because I don’t know and understand anything about electronic product even in TV. But I want to buy a good TV. So I want help from the expert person.
My questions is –
What should I see before buying a new TV?
I will be very grateful to you if you help me to buy a good TV.
Thanks to all

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Hello David,

I will try to answer your question and I hope it will be useful for you.
First of all, if you are going to buy a new TV for your house, it will be better to know about what parameters you should look on at first. It’s the modern  edge time,  and likewise smartphones television industry also going smart continuously.

It will be better to choose a smart TV if you want modern features on your television. But you should also take care of it. It will be suggested you to have a look on what are pros and cons of smart TV.

Next moving towards features and specifications you will need to out to focus to buy a television. Here I will mention each and every factor in points as it is very difficult to describe each point in detail, for info in detail you may have a visit on TV buying guide. Which will help you definite. So let’s start:

1- Screen resolution
2- Screen Size
3- Screen Type
4- Refresh rate
5- Connections and HDMI
6- Sound Quality
7- Warranty
8- Price

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