Why is comment important in Answers Mode?

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    Comment is important for Answers Mode. Because some people come to ask questions and some people come to Provide Answers or response to questions but a lot of people come every day to get their desired information. General people can justify by comments discussion. Thus comment helps us to justify the questions and answers and provided information.

    How comment help us to justify Questions and Answers or any kind of information?
    Comment help us to justify Questions and Answers because of public post their reply about questions and answers via comment. So we can easily understand that how valuable the questions or answers by the public opinion.

    So everyone should read comment very carefully for justifying the information.

    Who can post a comment?
    Only registered member can post their valuable comment here. Anonymous comment is not allowed here. So I will request to all, please do not try to post any anonymous comment because your comment will not be allowed.

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    Brong Answered on February 11, 2020.
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