Why wp-cron.php disabled in Shared Hosting?

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Why wp-cron.php disabled in Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting servers, we are disabled this wp-cron.php (https://php.net/), Why?
because of the following reason.

>>> If this cron is executed in every visit, fine for low traffic website.
>>> But for high traffic sites. It will take more process and server load high.
>>> It will take a high load on the server and affect other websites too.
>>> Also your website will get loading issues.
>>> It will take the high process and affect hole server.

So that is the reason we are disabling this cron job in shared servers. And also for the security reason, we are not allowing this cron in the shared hosting account.

How to wp-cron.php Enable in Shared Hosting?

If you want to run this cron job for your website in the shared hosting account. Please follow the below steps.

>>> Open .htaccess in the root path of your website in which you want to make.
>>> And paste the below Rule in your .htaccess and save and the check.

Order Deny, Allow
Allow from all

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