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Rembrandt was born in Leyden, the center of art, literature and culture in Method on the 15th July 1606. His father was a wealthy man. He expected his son would receive higher-education and establish himself as an eminent citizen in Leyden. But Rembrandt did not show any interest in such a traditional education. He used to draw pictures of animals in his books. Nothing the attitude of his son father sent him to a local artist named Jacob Van at the age of 13. Later on completing education successfully along with portrait painter Deter Last man Rembrandt came back to Leyden in 1624 and started his own business from ‘An Artists circle”. Tisian was also a famous artist like Rembrand


Rembrandt As A World Famous Artists

Rembrandt satisfied the eyes of common audience within a very few days at the age of 25. He became renounced as a competent nature-painter. His business was established within a very short time. He started getting orders of painting from government and private organizations. He became famous not only as painter but also as a teacher. Rembrandt also had wonderful skill at teaching. Rembrandt once was attracted to the ‘Mugahal’ paintings and copied a number of paintings of that method. But those works were not as standards as the Mughal paintings. Nevertheless Softly company in London bought the portrait of ‘Shajahan’ painted by ‘Rembrandt’ for Tk 1,75,000 only due to his glorious achievement. But the real ‘Mughal’ paintings of India have never been sold for one percent of that amount of money.

Rembrandt was bold and self conscious in painting. Dramatic use of light with the subject gave his painting a specially. He was the artist of the time. We came to know the wonderful skill of art in rhythmic presentation of deep tone and correlated composition. Rembrandt drew thousands of pictures in etching, drawing and painting tighter during his professional life of 38 years. Some of his mentionable celebration arts are The Blindness of two bit, The raising of ‘Lazarus Christ at Emmans (Painting on religious subjects and presented in (Lauvre Museum), Samson’s, wedding feast (on social festivals) and an old man in through (portrait composition) and “Flora”. This great artist died in 1956.

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