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Thither this new groom was escorted to help you his bride to be later in the day because of the their attendants, who chanted:

On past nights of feasts a service familiar with performed which is scarcely seen today. I have been told it absolutely was a portion of the element of the wedding-feasts, signifying the fresh uniting away from wife and husband. Its identity is actually “Hpo nya mo, hpo nya pa,” and you can suggested “Pupils tease mother; Pupils tease father.” Because of it service the fresh bride waiting a penis and an excellent hen, that happen to be boiled whole, and you may she also prepared a cooking pot out-of grain. These were placed in the internal space of the house.

May Goodness look after you

Aftter the new groom got resting himself close his bride, the newest grain and you can fowls was in fact set before her or him. For each consequently took sparingly of your own food, just like the providers searched on the through to the bride elevated an effective morsel so you can the lady mouth, after they shouted “Hpo nya mo! Hpo nya pa!” and you can started to scramble towards the chickens, that they drawn to pieces and you will therew on women. Aforementioned came back the latest volley with shouts of “Hpo nya mo! Hyo nya ma!” It “teasing” into the future moms and dads and you will tossing scraps away from chicken at you to various other is said to own betokened the new shared term of good wishes for growing parents for all those doing new ceremony.

The newest bridegroom ended up being escorted returning to the newest unit and/or guest-area, where the guy spent the night time together with family unit members

Going back from your digressions about before around three paragraphs, the fresh villagers in the beginning the second morning of marriage ceremonies ready yourself a banquet from grain and you may chicken curry due to their site visitors. Not less than a few young roosters otherwise two pullets are used on the preparing associated with the last banquet, each part of the fowls getting prepared, even the intestinal tracts, that happen to be cautiously cleared. Bits of stewed plantain stalks are included in the fresh pan, inasmuch because respected characteristics on the bush is meant to getting communicated to the people taking part of their, thus to make certain the huge household wished. A joint away from bamboo laden with alcoholic drinks is also presented. This new groom and bride have to following drop the fingers into the alcoholic beverages additionally the dinner, if you are contacting out “Pru-r-roentgen k’la, heh ke” (“Pru-r-roentgen k’la, come back”), a couple of minutes. This new elders now shout: “Today your twain, wife and husband, are particularly that spirit. Will get new A single check out more you, May the newest effective Thi Hko Mu Xa (Lord of demons) shield your. Could possibly get you’ve got stamina to work and get your own living. Get you sleep-in comfort and you can eat this new fresh fruit of your house. May you really have longevity, ten students, plus one hundred grandchildren.” The new elders next target this new “k’la,” as follow: “Pru-r-roentgen k’la, get back, retun. Do not stay static in the forest. Behold your home right here. Don’t leave it. Go not aside. Look at the own space. See your own lay.” A morsel of your own rice, with all the cardio and lung area of one’s fowls, is then place up on the latest thoughts of your own bridal pair, in addition to travelers move on to consume the remainder of the fresh banquet, completing it before sunrise.

Up to now the fresh mediator has passed through the marriage event having the newest attention with the every hand belonging to person who have conducted effectively this new transactions involving the moms and dads of one’s bridegroom and people of your own bride-to-be. He’s got been brand new groom’s private attendant, provides sent their principal’s couples worldly items towards bride’s home to possess, as among the old Hebrews, the students kid departs their parents to be a great person in their wife’s family members. However new mediator discovers himself unexpectedly deprived from their condition out-of value and you will will get the fresh ass of one’s night’s fun. Brand new base off a great pig slain toward banquet are fastened from the his shoulder which have a great rattan, and its particular direct is set upon a post of the property getting your to bark within towards the recreation of your subscribers.[19-10] When the he could elevator the head off throughout the post, it turned his hands. Their victory inside accomplishing this was believed to symbolize their expertise in finding a suitable partner to own his buddy, that has been likened for the scent of one’s old Karen google search pet (“htwi maw seh”) in the chase. The brand new traffic now grab its deviation for their several communities, which have spent 2 days, if not more since sometimes happens, at the occasion. No-one whoever base was spread on their arrival, are allowed to log off up until the occasion is over.

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